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The TBG approach is designed to give the client the highest probability of finding the best transaction available in the marketplace, while minimizing the demands on client management's time.

Through our initial review, we invest the time needed to become knowledgeable about the company we will represent to the market. In acquisition assignments, our preparatory work results in an efficient and effective search.   In sale assignments, we work with management to develop five-year projections and incorporate those projections into a document that describes the business and its potential. This process allows us to sell a company based on its future potential rather than relying solely on its historical results.

Confidentiality Emphasis

In all of our assignments, strict procedures are followed to maintain confidentiality.   With both buyers and sellers, we work from a client approved list of prospects; we require signed non-disclosure statements before releasing confidential information; and, we obtain the return of descriptive material from inactive prospects.

Our "MVP" Approach

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