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In the sports world, the “MVP” helps his team achieve the best record. Similarly in business, there usually exists an “MVP” or Most Valuable Partner that will best help a buyer achieve his goal of growth through acquisition or will represent the most valuable combination for a firm seeking to be acquired. Identifying the “MVP” most relevant for our client’s transaction objectives is one of the ways that we create value when seeking the highest price for a seller or the best value for a buyer.

Our “MVP” approach to transactions motivates in depth research to understand our client’s acquisition objectives, market position, competitors and the comparative “strategic fit” associated with a full range of potential targets. For sellers, we seek to define how our client’s resources will create strategic value for prospective buyers and to focus their attention on the value creating potential.

We believe that the best decisions result from consideration of a full range of alternatives.   For both buyers and sellers, we realize that the value of a combination may reside in acquiring additional resources to complement in-house capabilities and management strength or to pre-empt those same resources from ending up under the control of a competitor.