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Presale Review and Advice - The Bicknell Group initiates each sale assignment with a complete review of the seller's business operations, facilities, historical financial results and future prospects. Suggestions may result concerning minor capital restructuring, disposal of non-essential assets or other modifications of operations to place your business in the best possible posture for sale.

Descriptive Memorandum - A confidential memorandum describing your business and its future potential is prepared and bound. The quality of its presentation is designed to informally convey to prospective acquirers the value of your business. The document is designed to answer ninety percent of potential buyer's questions, thereby promoting prompt consideration by prospects. Considerable effort is extended to present your business in the most favorable light while being factual and complete; providing full disclosure; and avoiding "hype".

Valuation Analysis - Sellers are provided with a valuation review to help determine the highest achievable selling price and to provide a pricing rationale that will be defensible in future negotiations. Depending on the availability of data, the valuation review will generally include three approaches in order to validate results. The approaches normally used are discounted cashflow from projected future operations, analysis of comparative sales transactions, and comparative public market valuation. Through our valuation and presale reviews, we are frequently able to help sellers focus on outstanding aspects of their business that may command a premium price.

Potential Acquirer Research - Prior to solicitation, a list of potential acquirers is developed and reviewed with the seller. This key step for a successful transaction entails an extensive search of companies across the nation, and if appropriate, overseas. Prospects identified may be among suppliers, customers, competitors, firms in associated industries and firms seeking attractive investments in unrelated industries. Sellers are asked to review the list before any contacts are made, to eliminate unacceptable prospects and to establish the preferred sequence for contact.

Contacting Potential Acquirers - On the initial contact with a senior executive officer of potential acquirers, a summary profile of the acquisition opportunity is discussed without revealing the seller's identity. The descriptive memorandum is sent only to those prospects expressing an interest, able to afford the business and willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Exploratory meetings are scheduled only after prospects have reviewed the descriptive memorandum.

Negotiation - We advise and assist you in negotiating and structuring the financial aspects of proposed transactions. In our role as an intermediary, we facilitate progress by fielding the buyer's toughest questions, and making the most sensitive inquiries on your behalf. With the aid of our valuation review, we jointly agree on pricing strategy in advance of negotiations and otherwise seek to obtain a successful closing with the best achievable terms for the seller.

Status Reports - Sellers are provided with frequent reports on the status of the sales effort.