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Business Review / Financial Modeling
- The Bicknell Group initiates each funding assignment with a complete review of the seller’s business operations, facilities, financial history, and future prospects. The perspective gained is used to develop or modify a Company financial model incorporating income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements and showing the investors’ projected return on investment upon exit.

Preparation of Placement Memorandum - A concise memorandum describing the business, its potential and the contemplated use of funds is prepared drawing on The Bicknell Group's experience at motivating the interest of funding sources.

Identification of Appropriate Funding Sources - The Bicknell Group utilizes its network of industry contacts to identify investors whose investment criteria and investing experience correspond to the client’s business strategies, stage of development and market segment.

Funding Presentation Assistance - Once a potential investor has reviewed the business plan, The Bicknell Group coaches the client management team in effectively presenting their business plan so as to highlight the investment’s value proposition. We help our clients find a partner capable of providing not only capital but on-going assistance in addressing the key issues facing the company in competitive markets.

Negotiation of Terms - The Bicknell Group advises and assists its clients in negotiating and structuring the funding term sheet. Our intermediary role promotes negotiation efficiency with the objective of successfully closing the deal on the best achievable terms.

Closing Assistance – Even after a signed term sheet, The Bicknell Group continues to support the closing process, which entails important additional negotiations of rights, obligations and covenants in the closing documentation.